Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Braided Heating Electric Wire 

Short Description:

Material: Copper, Silicone, Fiberglass;

Max Temperature: 300 Celsius Degrees;

Work Temperature: -60 to 200 Celsius Degrees;

Color: White; Wire

Diameter: 3.8mm / 0.15 inch;

Wire Length: 12 meters / 39.4 feet

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Product Advantage

The core substance of tinned copper wire is very conductive. The silicone-coated construction gives the wire good heat resistance and a long useful life. Also, you can cut it to any length you like. Roll-shaped packaging is easier to store and transport.

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Product Application

The cooler fans in cold storages start to form ice after a given amount of operation, requiring a defrosting cycle.

To melt the ice, electrical resistances are inserted in between the fans. Following that, the water is gathered and evacuated through drain pipes.

If the drain pipes are situated inside the cold storage, some of the water can freeze once more.

To address this problem, a drainpipe antifreeze cable is inserted into the pipe.

It is only turned on during the defrosting cycle.

Product Instruction

1. Simple to use; cut to desired length.

2. Next, you can remove the wire's silicone coating to reveal the copper core.

3. Connecting and wiring.


The wire size might need to be checked before buying. And the wire also can work for metallurgy, chemical industry, power plants, fire fighting equipment, civil electric furnaces, furnaces, and kilns as well

To lessen the improperly installed heating cable, we advise using a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle or circuit breaker.

The entire heating cable, including the thermostat, must make contact with the pipe.

Never make any alterations to this heating cable. It will heat up if it is cut shorter. The heating cable cannot be repaired once it has been cut.

At no time can the heating cable touch, cross, or overlap itself. The heating cable will overheat as a result, which may cause a fire or an electrical shock.

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