Customer Service

Our company makes the following solemn commitment to you in the spirit of "the pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose," with "preferential prices, considerate service, reliable product quality" as our guiding principles in order to build a brand, increase the visibility of businesses, and establish a corporate image:

I. Product quality commitment.

1. The manufacturing and testing of products are quality records and testing information.

2. The product performance testing, we sincerely invite users to visit the product for the whole process, the whole performance inspection, to be confirmed after the product is qualified and then boxed and shipped.


II. The product price commitment.

1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced products, the selection of materials for the system are used domestic or international brand products.

2. In the same competitive conditions, our company does not reduce the technical performance of the product, change the product components at the cost of the company, sincerely to provide you with preferential prices.

III. After-sales service commitment

1. Service purpose: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful.

2. the service goal: service quality to win user satisfaction.