Silicone Rubber Drain Pipe Heaters

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The drain line heater has the advantages of complete waterproof design, double insulation, etc., And the heating wire length and power can be customized according to customer needs to meet the use of various places. In addition, due to the softness of the silicone material, it is easy to install and has excellent defrosting effect.

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Description for drain line heater

The main function of the drain line heaters is that after the chiller works for a period of time, the wind blade of the fan will freeze, and the anti-freeze heating wire will defrost, so that the melted water can be excluded from the cold storage through the drain pipe.
Since the front end of the drainage pipe is installed in the cold storage, the defrosting water is often frozen because of the environment below 0C, blocking the drainage pipe, so it is necessary to install a hot wire to ensure that the defrosting does not freeze in the drainage pipe. Install the drain heater in the drainage pipe, and heat the pipe while defrosting to make the water discharge smoothly.

drain line heater

Specification data for drain heater

Heating boday

NiCr or Cu-Ni Alloy

Length/M 40W/M 50W/M

Tail end of heating body

 Seal tail end of colloidal silica




Max surface Tem


1M 40W 50W

 Min surface Tem







Shape  Average7*5mm 2M 80W 100W



Output power 40-50W 3M 120W 150W

Tape boday length


Insulation Resistance ≥200MN 4M 160W 200W



Leaking current ≤0.2MA 5M 200W 250W


1. Power: the standard power is 40W/M and 50W/M, other power can also be customized,like 30W/M;

2. Tape boday length: 0.5-20M can be customized,the length can't be over 20M;

3. Do not cut heating cable to shorten the length of cooling tail.

* Generally,50W/M drain pipe heating wire is rather common.When used for plastic drain pipe,we recommend drain pipe heating cable with output power of 40W/M.

Feature of pipe heating cable

1. Good temperature resistance: the overall use of silicone rubber as raw materials, the working environment is -60℃-200℃;

2. Good thermal conductivity: power can generate heat, direct heat conduction, high thermal efficiency, can be heated in a short time to achieve the effect;

3. Reliable electrical performance: each pipeline heating cable is tested by immersion high pressure and insulation resistance when leaving the factory, quality assurance;

4. Strong structure: high flexibility, easy to bend, combined with the overall cold end, no binding point, reasonable structure, easy to install;

5. Strong designability: heating length, lead line length and voltage power can be customized.


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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.

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