Electric Aluminum Foil Heater for Food Warm

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Aluminum foil heater  is a new  heating option that can be tailored to any size and form and is up to 60% less expensive than conventional silicone heating pad, 

Cost-Effective and Versatile Surface Heaters for a Wide Variety of Applications

1. Shape and size can be customized;

2. Can be added accurate thermostat;

3. Heating temperature can be reached 149℃。

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Description for Aluminum Foil Heater

The aluminum foil heater can be either high temperature PVC or silicone insulated heating cable.This cable is placed between two aluminum foil sheets. The aluminum foil element has adhesive backing as standard for quick and easy fixing to the area requiring temperature maintenance.

Our heater use high temperature resistance reflecting sheet as insulation, which could reflect heat 99%, comparing with other material, which is much more efficient and energy saving.

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Heater Specification

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Products name:Aluminum Foil heaters

Heating Material: PVC or silicone rubber heating wire

Voltage: 12V-230V

Power: customized

Shape: round,rectangle or other shape

Package: carton

MOQ: 200pcs

Delivery time: 15 days



Aluminum foil heaters is widely used, including household appliances food insulation board, bird's nest stew pot, rice cooker, light wave stove, yogurt machine, take-out cabinets, take-out boxes, smart toilet seat cover, refrigerator defrosting and other thermal insulation heating products are used. 

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Feature of aluminum foil heater plates

1.  All the material used for PAMAENS aluminum foil heater are insulated, so the heater is safe to use

2. Muilt-strand heating wire, high heating efficiency and low failure rate

3. Reflecting sheet as insulation layer, which could reflect 99% heat, improved the heating efficiency and energy saving rate

4. Intensification aluminum foil sheet as liner and protection layer, which has good insulation and more durable.

Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.

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