Silicone Rubber Crankcase Heater for Compressor

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More than 25 years experience on silicone crankcase heater custom.

1. Belt width:14mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,etc.

2. belt length,power and length can be customized.

We are a factory, so the product parameters can be customized according to their own requirements, the price is better.

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Description for silicone crankcase heater

The silicone rubber compressor heating belt is suitable for all kinds of crankcases in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and its main function is to avoid the mixing of refrigerant and frozen oil. When the temperature drops, the refrigerant will be more quickly and comprehensively dissolved into the frozen oil, so that the gas refrigerant condenses in the pipeline and gathers in the crankcase in liquid form, if not excluded in time, it can cause compressor lubrication failure, damage the crankcase and orange, heating belt is also suitable for various industrial equipment tanks, pipes, tanks and other containers of heating and insulation. It is mainly composed of electric heating material and insulation material, electric heating material is nickel-chromium alloy strip, with fast heating, high thermal efficiency, long service life and other characteristics, insulation material is multi-layer alkali-free glass fiber, with good temperature resistance and reliable insulation performance.

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Silicone rubber makes the crankcase heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility. Since there is little material to separate the components from the parts, heat transfer is rapid and efficient. The silicone rubber flexible heater is composed of wire-wound elements, and the structure of the heater makes it very thin and suitable for applications where space is limited.

Technical datas for compressor crankcase heater

1. Continuous Max Use Temperature: 250℃; Minimum Ambient Temperature: 40℃ below zero

2. Max Surface Power Density: 2W/cm?

3. Min Making Thickness:0.5mm

4. Max Use Voltage: 600V

5. Power Precision Range: 5%

6. Insulation Resistance: >10M-2

7. Withstand Voltage:> 5KV

Application and function

1. When the air conditioner is used under severe cold condition, drive engine oil inside can condense, andaffect the normal starting of the unit.The heating belt can promote to thermalize engine oil, and help the unitto be started normally.

2. lt can protect compressor from being damaged in starting in cold winter, and prolongs the service life(ln cold winter, engine oil condenses, hard friction cangenerate in starting, and may cause damages of thecompressor.)

Application Range: Cabinet air conditioner, wall-mounted air conditioner and window air conditioner.

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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.

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