Stainless steel Tube Defrost Heater

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This high quality Genuine OEM Samsung Defrost Heater Assembly  melts frost from the evaporator fins during the automatic defrost cycle. The Defrost Heater Assembly is also called the Metal Sheath Heater or Defrost Heating Element.

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product name defrost heater
Product type round tubular heater
material SUS304, SUS316, Incoloy840,Incoloy800
color black/bright
Application refrigerator, freezer, chiller
Tube diameter 6.6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,20mm
Maxim overall length 7m
flanges customized
wattage customized
voltage customized


acvasva (3)
acvasva (2)
acvasva (1)
acvasva (4)


Aluminum tube heating element uses aluminum pipe as heat carrier.

Put heater wire component in aluminum tube to form different shape components.

Diameter of aluminum tube:Ø4,Ø4.5,Ø5,Ø6.35

Product Advantages

EASY TO INSTALL: It is made exactly fit for most top name brands

PREMIUM QUALITY: The replacement part is made from durable high quality material and well-tested by the manufacturer - Meets OEM standards - Ensure long-lasting and effective performance. This part fixes the following symptoms: Fridge too warm | Freezer not defrosting.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY Customer satisfaction is our priority. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we will compensate you and offer extra benefits to ensure your rights. Buy with confidence!

Heater Assembly is manufactured with premium materials for durability and exact fit, be sure to follow instructions in owners manual when installing this part.


Aluminum tube heating elements are simpler to use in confined spaces, have excellent deformation capabilities, are adaptable to all types of spaces, have outstanding heat conduction performance, and enhance heating and defrosting effects. It is frequently used to defrost and maintain heat for freezers, refrigerators, and other electrical equipment. Its rapid speed on heat and equality, security, through thermostat, power density, insulating material, temperature switch, and heat scatter circumstances can be necessary on temperature, mostly for defrosting refrigerators, defrosting other power heat appliances, and other uses.

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