High Temperature Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable Fiberglass Braided Heating Electric Wire 

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The electric heating element, which is used to make various home products for auxiliary heating, is made of electrical resistance material as the heat source and wrapped with soft insulating material in the outer layer.

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Main uses

When the rated voltage is applied to both ends of the heating wire, heat will be produced, and under the influence of peripheral heat dissipation conditions, the temperature of the wire will stabilize within the range. It is used to make variously shaped electric heating elements that are frequently discovered in air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, rice cookers, and other home appliances.

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VASV (1)
VASV (3)


(1) 100 percent waterproof

(2)Two-fold insulation

(3)mold terminations

(4) Very adaptable

Features of the drainpipe antifreezing Cable

(1)Reasonably priced installation and upkeep.

(2)Flexible to accommodate any layout arrangement.

(3)Construction that is sturdy.

(4) Ingenious substitute for chemical snow melting and snow plowing.

Product Applications

After a certain period of operation, the cooler fans in cold storages develop ice, necessitating a defrosting cycle.

To melt the ice, electrical resistances are installed in between the fans. The water is then collected and drained through drain pipes.

Some water may freeze again if the drain pipes are located within the cold storage.

A drainpipe antifreezing cable is placed into the pipe to solve this issue.

Only during the defrosting cycle is it turned on.


The most popular heating cable has a power density of 50W/m.

However, for plastic popes, we advise using heaters with a 40W/m output.

Warning: These cables can not be cut to reduce cold tail length.

Packing:one in plastic bag +tewenty in carton or customized.

Company:we are a manufacturer with factory.

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