High Quality Silicone Heating Tape

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High Quality Ultra Flexible Soft Silicone Rubber Copper Wire! Super Low Impedance,Highly Efficient!

High-purity oxygen-free Tinned Copper, silicone stranded wire has strands 0.08 mm tinned copper wire,the copper strands are tinned,protecting them from corrosion and making it easier to solder.

High Temperature Resistant Silicone Wire.Temp: -60 degree celsius +200 degree celsius; Nominal Voltage 600V.

Widely used for model planes,model cars,model ships,batteries,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,meters,instruments,motor lead wire and digital fields.

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1. FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT: They are flexible, can be wrapped around a heater, are simple to install, have good contact, and provide even heating.

2. RELIABLE AND INSULATION: Silicone material has dependable insulation qualities and good heat resistance, so you can use it with assurance.

3. STRONG AND WATERPROOF: Heating tape can be used in laboratories and wet, explosive industrial settings for heating and insulating pipes and tanks.

4. High effectiveness and durability Made of insulating silicone material and nichrome wire, it heats up quickly.

5. LARGE USES: Can be used to heat engines, submersible water pumps, compressors for air conditioning, etc.

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1. May be utilized in many types of instruments and equipment, providing freezing protection and anti-pressure

2. Used in medical devices as blood analyzers and test pipe heaters, among others

3. Computer auxiliary devices such laser printers, etc.

4. Sulfurization of plastic film



1. The heating wires can be heated in the air or by submerging them in water. But, it will have a slight rubber scent after the first heating. It is advised not to put it directly since it is a little at first but will go away eventually. Water for drinking is not heated.

2. This product's heating wire maintains a consistent temperature, thus no thermostat is required to heat it; it can also be heated directly; neither water nor air will shorten its lifespan. This product can withstand temperatures up to 70 °C for a period of five years. The pipes to the left and right won't be harmed. You can use the temperature switch or the temperature control knob if the temperature is 70 °C. We also have a number of control mechanisms if the temperature is precise.

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