Silicone Home Brew Fermentation Heater Belt for Beer Wine Making

Short Description:

The fermentation heater belt is made for silicone rubber,the width we have 14mm and 20mm;Belt length is 900mm,can be added the thermostat and the dimmer;

Home brewing heater color have red,blue,black,red,orange and so on,the plug can also be customized.

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Porduct Name Silicone Home Brew Fermentation Heater Belt for Beer Wine Making
Material silicone rubber
Belt Length 900mm,or custom
Width of belt 14mm,20mm
Length of power line 1900mm
Plug USA,UK,Euro,and other plug
Thermostat can be added
Dimmer can be added
Certification CE
Use home brewing

1. The home brewing heater is our standard heater,14mm or 20mm belt width and 900mm belt length,it is used for the home brewing.The plug can be customized as your country.

2. Our customers generally have one brew heater with 1-2 temperature strips, and the product packaging defaults to one heating belt and one transparent bag. If the quantity exceeds 500pcs, you can customize the box or color card packaging.

3. The brewing heater belt can be added the dimmer or thermostat,the dimmer can be just adjust the power to control the belt temperature,the thermostat will be better than dimmer and the price will be higher,you can choose this following your market.

 brew heater belt

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Product Configuration

The brewing heating belt fermentation heater will gently heat your fermenter without creating major hot spots. Brew heating belts are often chosen over heating pads because simply adjusting the height of the belt on the fermenter increases or decreases heat transfer. They are especially useful for smaller containers.
For best results, the brewing heater is paired with a temperature controller so that heating is provided only when the fermentation drops below the set value. If you use a fermentation chamber or other form of cooling, the temperature controller will be able to switch between heating and cooling as needed.

Product Feature

1. The brewing heater length and width can be customized,the power is about 20-30W and voltage is 110-230V;

2. Following the market needs,can be added the dimmer,thermostat and temperature strip;

3. We have different plug for choose.

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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.


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