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The Die Casting Aluminium Heating Plate is mainly used for hydraulic machine and heat transfer machine,the size we have 380*380mm,400*500mm,400*600mm,600*800mm,etc.

The aluminum heating plate can be added the teflon coating,and the MOQ is 10pcs.

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Porduct Name Die Casting Aluminium Heating Plate Manufacturer and Factory
Material aluminum ingots
Power customized
Voltage 110-380V
Use condition  enviroment temperature-20~+300℃,relative temperature <80%
Leakage current < 0.5MA
Power deviation -10% ~ +5%
Temperature endurance 450℃

1. The die-coasting aluminum heating plate is mainly used the heat transfer machine,we have some size mold in the factory,such as 380*380mm,400*500mm,400*600mm,etc.Besides,we can also made the larger size,like 800*1000mm,1000*1500mm,and so on.

2. We have the stock plate in our warehouse,380*380mm,400*500 and 400*600mm,if you have urgent order and can be used our standard power,our delivery time is very short.

3. The aluminum heating plate can be customized as clien's requirments,if you have any custom heater,you can send us the drawing.

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The metal casting heater known as a casting aluminum electric heating plate uses a tubular electric heating element as the heating body and bends it into a mold made of premium metal alloy material for the shell. This allows for centrifugal casting into a variety of shapes, including flat, round, right-angled, air-cooled, water-cooled, and other unique shapes. Following completion, it can be tightly fitted onto a heated body; the cast aluminum's surface load can reach 2.5–4.5 w/cm2, and the operating temperature is 400°C;

Cast aluminum heating plates are ideal for printing, hot stamping, and drying textiles and other industrial items. They are also widely used in plastic machinery, molds, cable machinery, alloy die-casting machines, pipelines, chemicals, rubber, and oil equipment.

Product Applications

Cast aluminum heat plate is mainly used in hot stamping machine and heat transfer equipment, the size can be selected according to their own requirements, voltage power can also be customized. JW heater has more than 25 years of custom experience, if you have any questions about products, please feel free to communicate with us.

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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.


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