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Heating band belt with silicone heater strip

Standard, fiberglass-insulated heating cables are used to make extruded silicone rubber heating tape, which is then entirely encased in high-temperature silicon rubber. They are made to be resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture. 200 °C or higher temperatures

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Product Specifications

Temperature Rating 400°F(204°C) Maximum operating
Size/Shape Limitations Maximum width 1200mm, Maximum Length 6000mm
Thickness Standard Thickness 1.5mm
Voltage 12v DC - 380v AC
Wattage Usually maximum 1.2 watts per square cm
Power Lead Wire Silicone Rubber, Fiberglass or Teflon insulated stranded wire
Attachment Hooks, Lacing Eyelets, Or Velcro closure. Temperature Controller (Thermostat)
Description (1)The benefits of silicone heaters include their flexibility, affixability, lightness, and thinness.(2)It can enhance heat transfer, quicken warming, and use less electricity during operation.(3)Silicone heaters have a high thermal conversion efficiency and heat up quickly.
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crankcase heaters

Product Features

1) Using long and rapid heating

2). adaptable and customized

3. Being non-toxic and waterproof

*Please double check the size (Length * Width * Thickness) before placing your order.

Product Application

1. Freeze Protection and Condensation Prevention

2. Optical Equipment

3. Exhaust Gas Pre-heating for DPF Regeneration

4. Curing of Plastic Laminates

5. Photo Processing Equipment

6. Semiconductor Processing Equipment

7. 3D Printers

8. Laboratory Research

9. LCD Displays

10. Medical Applications


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