Crankcase Heater heating belt Antifreezing of silica gel water pipes rubber heater

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Heating belt for the crankcase, air conditioning compressor Rubber heaters that prevent silica gel water pipes from freezing are also available in wire-wound or etched foil forms. Resistance wire is wound on a fiberglass cord for support and stability in wire woven devices. Metal foil that is just.001″ thick is used as the resistance element in etched foil heaters. For small to medium volumes, medium to big heaters, and to create prototypes to validate the design parameters before beginning large-scale production runs using etched foil, wire wound is advised and preferred.

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Product Specifications

Material Silicone Rubber Voltage 220V and other customized
Temperature Range 0-200 Degree Power 100W-1000W
Length 1m to 10m Lead Length 300mm
Width 15mm/ 20mm/ 25mm/ 30mm/ 50mm
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Product Application

1. Freeze protection and condensation prevention for a wide range of instruments and equipment.

2. Medical equipment, such as blood analyzers and test tube heaters.

3. Computer add-on hardware, such as laser printers.

4. Laminated plastic is hardening.

5. Photo-editing tools.

6. Equipment for handling semiconductors.

7. Thermal transfer equipment

8. Storage of asphalt, viscosity management, and other containers.

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