Silicone Fiberglass Braided Heating Resistance Wire 

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Resistant materials are employed as the heat source, and soft insulating materials are used to make the exterior coating on a variety of auxiliary electric heating elements for country household equipment. Rated voltage is applied, plus hotlines and hotlines produce heat, which is dependent on how well the external thermal conditions work and how well the temperature is balanced within a range. In many home appliances, including rice cookers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and water dispensers, heating components are employed to create diverse shapes.

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Typical temperature: 200°C

Typical voltage: 300V

Standard of reference: UL758, UL1581

tinned copper conductor, either solid or stranded.

Compliance with the ROHS environmental standard for silicone insulation

0.15 mm thick fiber glass braiding with good softness and elasticity

good capacity for absorption

excellent heat resistance

good resistance to cold

good climatic resistance

excellent thermal performance

Chemistry has strong stability.

excellent flame resistance

uniform insulation thickness for simple cutting and stripping

Appliance internal wiring for general use


Advantages of heating cables include

1. Uniform electric heat, no overheating, safe, and reliable

2. Saving energy

3, Periodic operation.

temperatures quickly increase

4. Affordable installation and labor costs

5. Simple to maintain

6. Automated administration

7, Pollution-free

8, Heater cable is appropriate for intricate pipework

9, Long pipelines can benefit from heating cable.

10, Instrument boxes are excellent for heating cables.

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