Refrigerator Defrost Patrs Silicone Door Heating Wire

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Silicone door heater wire is widely used in refrigerator freezer door frame, middle beam, through heating to achieve defrosting effect. The heating wire and the lead line are sealed by silicone hot pressure, which achieves excellent waterproof effect and long service life!

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Description for defrost door heater

Silicone door heater is an electric heating wire by winding resistance alloy wires on the glass fiber wire andcoating silicon rubber insulating layer outside. Outer Diameter: 2.5mm-4.0mm ResistanceValue:0.3-20000 ohm/m Temperature:180/90 ℃.

Sealing method of heating wire and lead wire

1. Seal the joint of heating wire and leading-out cold end (lead wire) with silicon rubber by mould pressing.should insulate the lead wire with silicon rubber.

2. Seal the joint of heating wire and the leading-out cold end (lead wire) with shrinkable tube.

3. The joint of heating wire and the leading-out cold end has the same diameter with the wire body, and theheating and cold parts are marked by color codes. The advantage is that the structure is simple, as the jointand the wire body have the same diameter.

**If used in humid environments, we recommend the use of silicone molded seals.**

Technical datas for door heater

door heater wire306

Material:silicone rubber

Power: 20W/M,or customized

voltage: 110V-240V

Length: customized

Wire color: red(standard)

lead wire length: 1000mm

MOQ: 100pcs

Package: one heater with one bag

Delivey time: 10-15 days


External Dia


Heating coil circling skelton

 0.5mm to 1.5mm

Heating coil

 Nichrome or CuNi Wire

Output power

To 40W/M



Max surface Tem


Min surface Tem


Silicone rubber heating wire has excellent heat resistance performance,and can be widely applied to defrosting devices for refrigerator and cooler.Its power average density commonly is lower than 40w/m,and the power density can reach 50W/M under good radiating enviroment,and the use temperature is 60℃-155℃。


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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.

defrost heater

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