DG47-00038B Bake Element for Samsung Oven Tubular Heater

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This Oven Tubular Heater part number is DG47-00038B,and it is the bake element for Samsung.The package is one heating tube with one bag,35pcs one carton.

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Porduct Name DG47-00038B Bake Element for Samsung Oven Tubular Heater
Part number DG47-00038B
Tube diameter 6.5mm
Voltage 115V
Shape M shape
Terminal model 6.3mm
Size customized as the original sample
MOQ 100pcs
Unit EXW price USD4.5 per piece for 100pcs,large quantity the price will be cheaper

one heater with one bag

35pcs one carton (carton size:63*54*31cm)

Material stainless steel 304
Tube color dark green

1. The oven tubular heater is used for the Samsung bake,and the bake element part number is DG47-00038B,the tube diameter is 6.5mm and the heater shape is M.

2. The oven heating tube size is customized as the original sample,and the tube is annealed,so the tube color will be dark green.

3. Our all electric heating tube is used the stainless steel 304,we also have stainless steel 321 and other best quality.The heating element size can be customized as customer's requirements.

Dishwasher Heater

Dishwasher Heater


Product Configuration

This stainless steel 304 electric heating element can heat air, metal mold, and a variety of liquids. The electric oven heating tube has a stainless steel 304 shell, two silicone or ceramic seals on the ends, and a central axial distribution of spiral electrothermal alloy wire (nickel chromium, iron chromium alloy).  The void is filled with good insulation and thermal conductivity of magnesium oxide.  The seamless, high-temperature-resistant stainless steel tube has an even distribution of high-temperature anode wire, and the empty space is heavily packed with crystalline magnesium oxide powder, which has good insulating and thermal conductivity qualities.  This construction is uniformly heated, has a high thermal efficiency, and is advanced. The crystalline MgO powder allows the heat produced by the high temperature anode wire to diffuse to the metal tube's surface. then moved to the air or heated portions to fulfill the heating purpose. 

Product Applications

1. Used to dry wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, etc., with fin heating tubes.

2. Low temperature electric furnaces such as industrial electric furnaces with air circulation, electric ovens, etc.

3. In the food industry, the baking of various breads, biscuits and pastries.

4. Various household electric heating appliances in daily life, such as electric stove, electric oven, rice cooker, electric frying pan, electric frying pan, water heater, electric iron and other products.

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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.


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