China Manufacturer Tubular microwave heater element

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The equipment used to heat dry steam saunas, drying ovens, and other devices mostly uses heating elements. Choose high performance pipe to satisfy requirements for long life, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and other factors based on the service environment.

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Applicable Industries Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Food Shop, Other
Type Air Heater
Power Source Electric
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Sundear
Dimension(L*W*H) customzied
Weight 1.5KG
Voltage 220v-380v
Warranty 1 Year
Material Aluminum
Key Selling Points High-accuracy
Power Source Electirc
Product name Heating Tube
Application Industry Heating Process
Power 3.5KW/4.5KW/5.5KW/8KW/12KW
Shape U-shape
Advantage Long Use-Life
avab (4)
avab (3)
avab (2)
avab (1)

Product Feature   

1. Excellent safety: No spark, no open flames, fully insulated, and harmony-radiating

2. Affordable, long-lasting, and very effective

3. A quicker process.

4. Less power is required.

5. No dust contamination: No convection is required.

6. A heater won't injure people physically.

7. Installation is simple.

How to choose the right Material for the heater?  

Copper Sheath Water heating, water solutions non-corrosive to copper.
Stainless stell sheath Employing tars and asphalt, molten salt baths, alkaline cleaning agents, and immersion in oils. As well as casting into aluminum and clamping to metal surfaces. Equipment for processing food, corrosive liquids. The typical material is stainless steel 304.
Incoloy Sheath Heat from the air, heat from a surface, cleaners and degreasers, pickling and plating solutions, and corrosive substances. For high temperatures, typically.
itanium tube corrosive environment.

Product Application  

Manifold heating with hot runner systems

Heating of cutting bars and hot stamps in the packaging sector

Heating of analytical equipment in laboratories

Medical: Blood analyzer, nebulizer, blood/fluid warmer, temperature therapy, dialysis, sterilization

Telecommunications: Enclosure Heater and Deicing

Transportation: Coffee Pot Heaters for Planes, Oil/Block Heaters,

Food Service: Dishwashers, Steamers,

Industrial: Hot stamps, hole punches, and packaging equipment.

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