Aluminum Foil Heaters for Rice Cooker

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The aluminum foil heaters can be used on the rice cooker,the size can be customized the customer’s drawing.Voltage is 110-230V

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Porduct Name Aluminum Foil Heaters for Rice Cooker
Humidity State Insulation Resistance ≥200MΩ
After Humid Heat Test Insulation Resistance ≥30MΩ
Shape round
Voltage 12-230V
Power customized
Size customized
Resistant voltage in water 2,000V/min (normal water temperature)
Heating wire material  silicone rubber or pvc
Use Aluminum foil heaters
MOQ 100pcs
Package carton
Approvals CE

The aluminum foil heaters can be used the rice cooker top heating component,the shape,size,lead wire length and voltage/power can be customized as your requirements.

Aluminum Foil Heater is made of heating wire with a piece of aluminous foil used as a heating device in low voltage heating appliances.  Mainly use in heating and heat preservation of rice cooker, heaters, towel rack, toilet seat, and hairdressing equipments and defrosting freezers for refrigerator.

Silicone Heating Pad

Aluminum Foil Heater

Aluminum Heating Plate

Product Configuration

Aluminum foil heaters is a sheet heater composed of aluminum foil as a heat-transfer body, and the hot-wire (silicone hot-wire, PVC hot-wire, carbon fiber hot-wire) is glued to the aluminum foil by double-sided adhesive, which can be very convenient and firmly installed on the heating surface.

The structure can be divided into double aluminum foil paste type, single aluminum foil paste type, single aluminum foil hot melt type and so on.

Product Applications

1. Heat preservation for the top cover and side of the rice cooker.

2. Used for heating and insulation of electric steam furnace and electric heating table

3. Used for auxiliary heating, defrosting and defrosting in refrigerator and freezer.

4. It is an ideal heating element for the design of low-temperature surface heating and insulation applications, widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial machines and equipment, such as dryers, incubators, digital inkjet printers, thermal insulation rooms, beauty appliances, medical appliances, advertising fog removal, etc.

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Production Process

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Before the inquiry,pls send us below specs:

1. Sending us the drawing or real picture;
2. Heater size,power and voltage;
3. Any special requirements of heater.

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