Why do refrigerators defrosting? How to defrosting?

The defrost heating tube is mainly used for the refrigerator ,fridge,unit cooler and any other refrigeration equipment.And the refrigerator defrost heater is made by stainless steel 304, normal use can reach 7-8 years of service life.Defrost tubular heater can be customized following cutsomer’s requirements,contained the shape,length,power and voltage.

So why do the refrigerator need the defrost heater?And how todefrosting?

1. Why refrigerators defrost:

When people store food and open the refrigerator, the indoor air and the gas in the refrigerator freely exchange, and the indoor wet air quietly enters the refrigerator. There is also a part of the water vapor from the food stored in the refrigerator, such as cleaned vegetables, fruits in the crisper, vegetables and other food in the water evaporation, condensation into frost after cold.


2. Defrosting method:

1. Lower the temperature. In order to avoid frost in the freezer room of the refrigerator, the temperature of the freezer room can be lowered to achieve it. After turning down the temperature in the freezer, about 2-3 hours later, the frost in the freezer will naturally melt away. At this time, apply a layer of cooking oil on the inside of the freezer, so that the refrigerator will not frost in the freezer.

2. Steam defrost. First, disconnect the power supply of the refrigerator and remove the food inside the refrigerator. Then, according to the size of the refrigerator freezer, fill one or two aluminum lunch boxes with hot water and put them in the freezer, wait for about 10 minutes, and replace the hot water again, after which the frost in the refrigerator will begin to fall off.

3, hair dryer, electric fan defrost. When the refrigerator needs defrosting, we should first cut off the power supply, there are many ways to defrost the refrigerator, then we can choose to use a hair dryer or an electric fan to defrost the frosting part of the refrigerator freezer, after blowing the large stall, the frost in the refrigerator will quickly melt, saving time and effort.

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Post time: Jul-15-2023