Why are more factories willing to use aluminum foil heater instead of other heating elements?

What is aluminum foil heater? Sounds like this word I am unfamiliar, I do not know whether you have mastered the aluminum foil heater pad contains its main use? The aluminum foil heaters is a heating component composed of a heating wire with a silicon copper insulating layer. Place the heating wire between two pieces of aluminum foil, or heat melt it on a single side of aluminum foil. The aluminum foil heating sheet is fitted with a self-adhesive bottom layer, making it convenient, convenient and easy to install in areas where temperature must be maintained.

The aluminum foil heaters must be made according to the requirements, so the specifications can be integrated into a variety of lengths. Aluminum foil heating pad is suitable for heating in the natural environment with rated current less than 250V, 50-60Hz, air humidity ≤ 90%, and natural ambient temperature of -30℃ ~ 50℃. The heater of the heating parts takes the silicone resistance wire as the pyrogen, chooses the basic principle of electric heating, and the working standard voltage is in the middle of 12V-230V. Packaging products shall be made of pure aluminum foil and double-sided tape as thermal conductive electrical conductors of heating sheets to be fixed and produced. The working temperature is 160℃. Use the following points with peace of mind. The design product has the basic principle of double-sided tape adhesion, which can be easily adhered to all objects. The automatic temperature control system can be installed inside the heating sheet, and the temperature reference point can be designed according to the need.

aluminum foil heater

Aluminum foil heater main using place: It can design and make aluminum foil heating sheet according to the appearance of the heated surface. It is an ideal heating component for designing a variety of ultra-low temperature surface heating applications. Widely used in rice cooker, bean machine and other household appliances heating cold and warm, refrigerators, freezers frost, advertising waterproof and other industries, fog removal, Chinese herbal medicine food industry, planting and breeding, heat insulation and other industries. It is not important to take the aluminum foil of the chocolate capsule, which will react with the sulfuric acid in the stomach and then be metabolized by the body’s detoxification system. It is suggested that the diet should be light and effective to have the auxiliary effect of food ingredients. Eat more vitamins, minerals, and chemical fiber. Vegetarian meals, protein foods. Prevent spicy foods and wet and hot ingredients; Reduce the intake of simple sugars; Avoid drinking coffee, natural soda, etc. Anti-dryness, warm and angry ingredients; Eat less noodles, natural sodas, freshly ground coffee, etc.

Post time: Sep-15-2023