What is the resistance value of refrigerator defrost heater tube?

Refrigerator is a kind of home appliance we will be more commonly used, it can help us store a lot of food freshness, refrigerator is generally divided into refrigeration area and frozen area, different areas are stored in the location is not the same, generally like meat and other foods will be placed in the frozen area, and fresh vegetables will be placed in the fresh-keeping area. Frost will occur during the use of the refrigerator, so the refrigerator is generally installed defrosting heating tube, and the resistance value of the refrigerator defrost heating tube is generally about 300 euros.

So how to distinguish the refrigerator defrosting heater is good or bad?

First, whether the startup speed is normal
A high-quality refrigerator can start quickly after being switched on, and the sound and vibration are relatively small, if the start is slow or the sound is too large when starting, it is an abnormal phenomenon.

Second, whether the refrigerator is well sealed
This is mainly to see whether there is an obvious gap after the refrigerator door is closed, when the refrigerator door is near the door frame, whether it can be automatically closed, here you can use a piece of paper in the door, when the refrigerator door is automatically closed, can not extract the paper, it means that the seal is intact.

Third, the refrigeration effect is normal
If after half an hour of boot, there is a uniform layer of frost cover in the freezer, or there is an obvious feeling of freezing hands, it means that the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator is relatively strong.

defrost heater

Fourth, the cooling and temperature control of the refrigerator
Under normal circumstances, when the temperature in the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, it will automatically stop running, which means that the temperature control is normal, when the refrigerator runs for 2 hours, the temperature of the freezer should not exceed 10 degrees, and the temperature of the freezer should not be higher than 5 degrees.

Five, compressor detection
The compressor can be said to be the heart of the whole refrigerator, its quality directly affects the performance of the refrigerator, the compressor in the operation process if there is a mechanical sound, it indicates that the operation is not normal, and with the increase of the running time, the normal sound will tend to be smooth, no abnormal sound will occur when the shutdown. At the same time, the compressor should not be very hot during operation, which can be learned by touching the back of the hand to the housing.

The above content is the resistance value of the refrigerator defrost heater, you can refer to the above content to determine the quality of the refrigerator defrosting heating tube, I hope to help you.

Post time: Jan-03-2024