What is a defrost tubular heater and what are its uses?

The defrost tubular heater is a part in the refrigerator or freezer that removes frost or ice from the evaporator coil. The defrosting heating tube helps keep appliances efficient and prevents excessive ice buildup, which can hinder the cooling process. The Defrost heater typically uses electrical resistance to produce heat, which is then used to melt frost or ice on the coil. The melted ice is then drained from the utensil. Overall, a defrost heater is essential to ensure that a refrigerator or freezer operates efficiently and maintains a proper temperature level.

defrost heating tube

The defrosting heater is used to prevent the refrigerator from freezing and is controlled by the thermostat. In the defrosting cycle, the defrost heater melts the frost on the evaporator fins.

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