Structure and characteristics of defrost heater wire components

The manufacturer of defrost heater wire tells you the structure and characteristics of the heater wire parts: Wind resistance alloy wire on the glass fiber wire. Or a single (one dry) resistance alloy wire is twisted together to form a copper core cable, and the surface of the cable is covered with a silicone /PVC insulating sleeve hot wire.

The defrost heating wire has good heat resistance, which can be used for a long time at 150℃ without any characteristic changes, and can be used for 10,000 hours at 200℃. The volume resistivity is high quality, the grounding wire resistance exceeds 500MΩ, and the resistance value is always maintained in a wide temperature and frequency range, which has good resistance to high voltage arc charge and discharge and battery charging.

defrost door heater wire

The defrost wire heater has a fire rating and self-extinguishing type, because the silicone does not contain halogenation, it cannot smoke or release harmful gases when ignited, and can be used in a variety of fire safety harsh sites. It has good drought resistance and high quality scientific rationality in diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the defrost heater wire components and the connecting power line are put into the terminal block, remember that the service hotline is below and the power line is above, because the metal composite terminal block is forcibly extruded into a certain shape when the machine and equipment film is pressed down.

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