How to use water pipe defrosting heating cable?

It is only necessary to connect the front end of the two core parallel lines of the electric tropical zone with 1 live wire and 1 neutral wire, lay the pipe drain line heater flat or wrap it around the water pipe, fix it with aluminum foil tape or pressure sensitive tape, and seal and waterproof the end of the pipe drain heater belt with the terminal box at the end of the pipe drain heater belt. When the user buys the drain pipe heater, the manufacturer will also give the user the installation manual of the electric heater, which can be operated according to the above.

drain line heater

Drain pipe heating wire installation precautions
1. The general instruction manual of drain line heater will specify the installation limit length, so the actual length used during installation can not exceed this length.

2. If the pipe is placed horizontally, the pipe heating cable should be connected to the bottom of the pipe during installation, which can effectively reduce heat loss and facilitate the transfer of thermal image heat.

3. The antifreeze sensor should be installed above the pipeline, and the sensor should not directly contact the silicone heating belt.

4. During installation, check whether there are scratches or cracks in the silicone belt heater. If there are such problems, it should be replaced with a new one and installed again.

5, if it is a separate installation of the electric tropical, then in the installation of the leakage protection device. In addition, if the ordinary triangular plug is selected, it can not be used directly. In this way, if the electric belt leaks during use, you can ensure the safety of use by cutting off the leakage protection device and cutting off the power supply.

Post time: Jan-11-2024