How to improve the heating effect of China electric heating tube?

As a common heating element, electric heating tube is widely used in many fields, such as home electric water immersion heater, industrial heating equipment and so on. Improving the heating effect of the stainless steel heating tube can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment. The following will be discussed in terms of the structural design, material selection, process control and increasing heat conduction efficiency of the electric tube heater to explain how to improve the heating effect of the electric heating tube. First of all, the structural design of the electric heating tube has an important impact on its heating effect. Reasonable structure design can improve the heating efficiency of electric heating tube.

U shape heating tube

First of all, the length and diameter of the heating tube need to be selected. Longer pipe length can increase the heating area and improve the heat transfer efficiency. However, too long a length will increase the resistance and reduce the heating effect, so there needs to be a trade-off between heat transfer efficiency and electricity. Secondly, the shape of the heating tube also needs to be considered. Generally speaking, cylindrical heating tubes can provide a uniform heating effect, while circular heating tubes are more suitable for specific heating needs. In addition, the insulation design of the heating tube also needs attention to fully reduce heat loss and improve the heating effect.

Post time: Dec-30-2023