How to detect oven tubular heater is good or bad method?

How to test Oven tubular heater is a good method, and the use of oven heater is also the most common in the equipment that needs heating. However, when heating tube fails and is not used, what should we do? How should we judge whether heating tube is good or bad?

1, with a multimeter resistance can be measured resistance, a few ohms to dozens of ohms is good, thousands of ohms and even higher, is bad.

2. According to the design power of the voltage and oven tube heater, the resistance formula of the heating tube is calculated as R = (V x V)/P (R stands for resistance, V stands for voltage, P stands for power). The result is good if it is greater than 0 and less than 1000.

oven heater

3, therefore, when measuring with the ohm file (×10Ω) of a multimeter, if the reading is infinity or close to infinity, it is an open circuit. Readings indicate normal, no damage.

4. In the case that the oven heating tube is not powered on, observe whether there are obvious holes, trachoma, cracking and bursting on the surface of the tube body. If there are no obvious holes, trachoma, cracking and bursting, it is generally good.
Judgment method: If there are obvious holes, trachoma, cracking and explosion on the surface of Stainless steel oven heater, it indicates that the heating tube has been damaged and can no longer be used normally. When the resistance value measured is zero, it also indicates that the heating tube cannot be used; If the surface is intact and the resistance value is within the normal range, then other reasons need to be found.

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