How long does the Flanged Immersion Heaters last?

Flange immersion heaters are the core components of electric heating, which directly determines the service life of the boiler. Try to choose non-metal electric heating tube (such as ceramic electric heating tube), because it has load resistance, long life, and water and electricity separation structure, the boiler will never leak electricity. The heating tube uses a metal tubular electric heater to heat the water so that the electrical energy is directly converted into heat energy (to produce hot water or steam). It does not need to use combustion to convert chemical energy into heat energy, and it does not need to supply air and fuel required for combustion, and will not emit harmful gases and ash, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. Electric heating according to the function can be divided into KS-D electric heated boiling water boiler, CLDR(CWDR) electric heated hot water boiler, LDR(WDR) electric heated steam boiler. The electric heating heat pipe of the electric boiling water boiler should be positioned and fixed, and the effective heating area must be immersed in liquid or metal solid, and air burning is strictly prohibited. When it is found that there is scale or carbon on the surface of the pipe body, it should be cleaned and used again in time to avoid the shadow and heat dissipation and shorten the service life. When heating fusible metal or solid salt, alkali, leaching, paraffin, etc., the electric heating pressure should be reduced first, and the rated electric heating pressure can be increased after the medium is melted. When heating the air, the elements should be crossed and evenly arranged, so that the elements have good heat dissipation conditions, so that the flowing air can be fully heated. Safety measures should be considered when heating nitrate to prevent explosion accidents. The wiring part should be placed outside the insulation layer to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media and water; The wiring should be able to withstand the temperature and heating load of the wiring part for a long time, and the fastening of the wiring screws should avoid excessive force. The components should be stored in a dry place. If the insulation electric heating resistance is lower than 1MΩ for a long time, it can be dried in an oven at about 200 ° C, or reduce the electric heating pressure through explosion-proof electric heating heater until the insulation electric heating resistance is restored. The magnesium oxide powder at the outlet end of the electric heating heat pipe can avoid the infiltration of pollutants and water in the use place to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage heating accidents. Electric heating is mainly composed of boiler body, electric control box and control system. It is characterized by environmental protection, clean, pollution-free, noise-free, fully automatic, with the reduction of limited energy and substantial price increases, electric heating as an emerging boiler equipment is more and more recognized by everyone.

water immersion heater tube

1, the configuration of computer boiler controller, boiler operation intelligent, digital, automation, humanization. The water temperature can be set at will from 10℃ to 100℃, and the boiler can supply both boiled water and hot water, achieving a dual-use machine.

2, the use of advanced flange immersion heater, coat high-quality seamless steel pipe, can effectively prevent scale interference, long service life. The heat absorption structure is optimized by computer, and the heat transfer coefficient of the heating surface is completely optimized, and the thermal efficiency is extremely high, reaching more than 98%. Greatly reduce power loss.

3, the boiler intelligent control of water temperature, the boiler boils the water, heating automatically stop; The controller screen shows the water temperature in large font, and the glass tube type water level meter is equipped, and the furnace water temperature and boiler water level are clear.

4, the boiler is designed according to atmospheric pressure furnace, the top of the furnace body is provided with an air vent, the boiler is in a no-pressure state, there is no safety risk. Users can set the opening and closing time according to the water demand, which not only meets the requirements of users, but also saves energy and reduces consumption and reduces the use cost.

5, the boiler automatic water supply, reach full water state, water supply automatically stop, no need to guard, saving time, trouble, labor, labor.

6, reliable boiler “water and electricity separation” structure, to prevent the electric heating pipe due to accidental leakage caused by the user and staff safety risks, at the same time in the case of no water, the boiler heating parts can be repaired, replaced, maintenance.

7, the use of high-precision water level sensor for real-time monitoring of the water level, the sensor uses pulse intermittent detection method to determine whether the water level in the boiler is normal, in the case of water outlet temperature reached boiling water, the boiler will automatically fill the water one after another, the boiler can continuously supply 100% fresh water.

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