Do you know how to connect the heating wire?

Hot wire, also known as heating wire, in short, is a power line that applies the Seebeck effect of electrical flow to generate heat when it is energized. Many types , in the main physics called resistance wire, heating wire. According to the electrical conductor points important nichrome alloy wire, con copper wire, carbon fiber material, etc., in the western countries announced basically carbon fiber material professionalism, in China has just begun many low-end applications of carbon fiber material heating, etc.. According to the conductor and insulator is also divided into silicone, PVC, PTFE, glass fiber, etc.. Under the inclusion of a detailed explanation of the connection method of the electric hot wire is what.


1. Series connection: When many heating tubes are linked to one another successively, the electric current in the circuit is based on sequential flow, and this sort of connection is known as a series connection.

Series connection with the same flow of electricity, the working voltage is equivalent to a heating tube working voltage in the center of the sum.

2. star connection (Y-shaped wire connection): A star connection is a three-switch power circuit made up of three resistance tails that are connected to one another at a common point from the lead's starting point over the three end lines.

Star connection: DC voltage = line current, phase voltage = DC voltage / √3

3. triangle connection: triangle connection is the first and last connection of each phase of the switch power circuit or load in turn, and each connected point will be led over as the three fire lines of three-phase power zero line.

4. series connection: In a series connection, the heating tube's tail end is also attached to an interface standard after it has been initially unitedly connected.

Electric flow in a series connection is equal to a heating pipe's electric flow in the center of the sum when the working voltage is the same.

Post time: Apr-20-2023