Is there a difference between freezer defrost heater tube and defrost heating wire?

For tubular defrost heater and silicone heating wire, many people have been confused, both are used for heating, but before use to find out the difference between them. In fact, when used for air heating, both can be used the same, so what are the specific differences between them? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

First, the freezer defrost heating tube

The so-called tubular defrost heater is made of spring-shaped heating wire according to the required resistance, and then placed in the center of the tube, and then the gap between the heating wire and the tube wall is filled with very good insulation magnesium oxide powder, and then sealed with silica gel, so that the electric heat pipe is made. Because it is cheap, easy to use, and pollution-free, it is widely used in many occasions.

defrost heating tube

Next, it is the silicone wire heater

silicone defrost wire heater is commonly used in iron-chromium-aluminum and nickel-chromium electric heating alloy, both of which have strong antioxidant properties. Although the silicone defrost wire heater has been treated with antioxidant treatment before delivery, it is not excluded that certain component damage may occur in transportation, installation and other links, so it must be pre-oxidized before use. Its service life is largely related to the diameter and thickness of the electric heating wire, and it is mostly used in medical, chemical, electronic, glass and other industrial heating equipment and civilian heating appliances.

The difference between freezer defrost tube heater and silicone wire heater

Defrost heating tube and silicone defrost heating wire are closely related. The electric heating wire can be said to be the raw material of the electric heating tube, so its cost is lower. However, under normal circumstances, the electric heating tube can be used in a variety of electric heating environment, liquid, gas can be used, because the internal heating wire and the wall of the tube are tightly filled with magnesium oxide powder, so the surface of defrost heating tube is non-conductive. The electric heating wire is generally used in a closed space, because its surface is charged when it is heated with electricity.

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