Electric Oven Heater Tube factory tell you what is the white powder in the heating tube?

Many users do not know what the color powder in the oven heating tube is, and we will subconsciously think that chemical products are toxic, and worry about whether it is harmful to the human body.

1. what is the white powder in the oven heating tube?

The white powder in the oven heater is MgO powder, which has excellent thermal conductivity and insulation properties.

2. what is the role of the white powder in the oven heating tube?

(1) It plays the role of insulation and heat conduction, and the electric heating wire is the heating body and the human body, and the magnesium oxide powder insulates it from contact with the metal shell to ensure that the surface of the tube is not charged;

(2) Protect the electric heating wire from external forces;

(3) It does not produce chemical reactions with electric heating wires and metal shells, can withstand temperature polar changes, and will not explode tubes due to temperature sudden changes;

(4) High heat resistance, close to the expansion coefficient of the heating wire, limiting the heating wire to ensure that there is no displacement in the production process of the heating tube.

oven heater tube

3. is the white powder in the oven heating tube toxic?

(1) The MgO powder in the oven heating tube is non-toxic, it is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white amorphous powder, which belongs to environmental protection materials;

(2) Magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide powder and talc powder are commonly used lubricants for athletes and are harmless to the human body;

(3) Even if accidentally ingested, except for very individual allergies, magnesium oxide enters the stomach and reacts with hydrochloric acid into magnesium chloride, which exists in seawater. MgO can be used as an antacid, laxative, neutralizing stomach acid, and neutralizing stomach acid.

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